Friday, May 23

** Me To You **

Hi everyone me again Photobucket

On a forum i belong to we have got this idea going that each month we send something we have made to whoever is is directly under our name and this month i had to make something for a lovely friend of mine..Angie so i decided to make her a notebook hope she likes it

The left image is the front and the charm you can see is of an elephant i think everybody knows about me and elephants and the image to the right is well obviously the back.



  1. Angie will love it! It's gorgeous - wish I saw your post and stuck my name under yours !!! xx

  2. Angie will love this Shaz its beautiful and the colours great x

  3. Lovely! The little elephant charm is a great personal touch, fab idea!

  4. I am sure she will love it - tis beautiful X

  5. this is very pretty Shaz, Angie is sure to love it!!

    sorry I haven't been by lately but between moving & then I had to fly to New Zealand for a funeral, so its been pretty hectic, but I'm back now & checking out what I have missed.

    Hope you are well

  6. Hi Shaz, love the notebook and am sure Angie will too, still cant get on, only the backup works for me so hope your all enjoying the swap, TTFN

  7. i bet angie will love it - it's fab xx

  8. Like it Shaz, erm, no, I LOVE it!!! It is even more stunning in the "flesh" and the textured paper is lovely too. Thank you sooo much

  9. Great Notebok Shaz and I love the words you used too.

    Mez xxx


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