Friday, July 24

* Holiday Fun Candy *

Hi again

Jennie from the Artistic Crafter is going on holiday and she has kindly left some Blog Candy for us, if you fancy joining in then pop to her blog and have a go.

* Circle of friends *

Morning all

I have recieved this lovely award from my friend Hels and if you haven't yet looked at her blog then please will be amazed at the gorgeous art work it's well worth a visit.
I now pass this award on to Bee....Lydia....Wendy

Wednesday, July 8

* Update *

Hello all

Just thought i would give you a quick update.

My Daughters leg has miraculously healed and won't have to be removed but she now has to wear a special splint made for her so thats a big relief although.. secretly i think she was hoping they would remove it because of all the problems it causes.

We also finally managed to get her mobility scooter mended so she is back on the road again so if you live in the Gt Yarmouth area look out lol.

As you can imagine the last few weeks have been very anxious for us all and to top it all my husband has not been well and may have to have an operation on his shoulder, so crafting has been the last thing on my mind but hopefully i will get back into it soon.

I had a birthday a few days ago i won't say what number.. lets just say it's only 2 away from the big 60 lol, but i just wanted to thank you all for the kind thoughts & comments left for my daughter and for the lovely cards and wishes for my birthday.
Thank you all xxxxx