Wednesday, January 30

** Sunday Stamper **

Hi all i managed to sneak away for a while so i made my contribution to Pinkle's Sunday Stampers Challenge , i decided to go for a card i think i am getting back into the swing of making cards again which is nice, but if it was'nt for all the challenges i think i would have just given up crafting a long time ago so thanks to all you lovely peeps xx

Right, i am now going to have a go at telling you how i made it as i am not very good at explaining things so here goes. Photobucket

The card is 6"x6" i used a baby wipe to smudge true red pigment ink onto it which made it more of a pink colour, i then put good old sticky ribbon down the side and top, cut out 2 hearts from some fab wrapping paper i got and put little bows on them , stamped the love stamp at the bottom and then just added a little heart with gem stone in the top left corner, hope that's good enough and you like it . Photobucket


** I'm still here **


The weather is quite nice today no rain hopefully


i am still around just not up to crafting at the moment, the hospital have increased the dose of my tablets for my MD and that has also increased the side effects so in between pounding headaches and running to the loo (not that you wanted to know that ) Photobucket i've not been making much plus got a lot of family things going on this week, i am hoping to sneak in half an hour today though so watch this spacePhotobucket , hope everyone on blogsphere is good xx


Monday, January 28

** Rudolph Day **

I decided to join in with Rudolph Day too, the idea is to make Christmas cards on the 25th of every month that way we should have a few ready for Christmas instead of rushing like mad (which is what i tend to do ) to get them made :-).


Sunday, January 27

** Sugar Nellie **


Not been too well the last couple of days due to hospital increasing dose of tablets, but when my Sugar Nellie's arrived i had to have a go!!! it's been ages since i made a card i usually make tags or fat pages or atc's so making these were a nice change.


Wednesday, January 23

** Royalty **

It's quite a nice day here today although a little cloudy but at least it's not raining ( yet ) Photobucket

This weeks ATC challenge on Craft swap is royalty, i am not a fan of the royal family but i am a huge fan of the group Queen... especially Freddie, so i decided to make my contribution by using an image of my dear Fred.


** Craft Stamper ATC's **

2 ATC's i am sending to the magazine Craft Stamper for this months ATC swap the theme is Flora & Forna.


Monday, January 21

** Fat Pages **

The weather today is miserable and wet .Photobucket

Have been busy today making my fat pages for the monthly swap on Craft Swap Forum, decided to try out my recent purchase from qvc i quite like these stamps might have to get some more what do you think??? Photobucket

Oh and before Fifi says anything... yes there are four as i like to try and make an extra one for Lesley.Photobucket


** A Study in Scarlet **

This weeks challenge fat book page for the Craft Swap Forum is a study in scarlet and i have been waiting ages to use this paper i have, the rose is of an image from 1 of my cd's with the heart embelishment and a brad.


Sunday, January 20

** Oriental ATC's **



The weather was not too bad today just a bit of drizzle.

I managed to make my 3 Oriental ATC's today for the swap i am in, i have never been a fan of oriental and up until now not had any stamps so, it was a good excuse for me to spend (lol), my first attempt with Oriental was the card i made earlier, the stamps i have used i was really pleased with as i got them from ebay....only cost me £1.50.... they are the cling type obviously for that price but they are really good. not sure if i like oriental though.


Friday, January 18

** Sisters Page 3 **

It's one of those days when it's really miserable outside you feel depressed got a headache and wonder why you bother getting out of bed..... thats just how i felt this morning but Ruby soon got rid of that feeling for me.... 6.30 regular as clockwork out of bed she trots come on mom quick i need a wee (lol) comes back in for a quick cuddle then sits in the window anxiously waiting for her sister to arrive... you can't be depressed for long with such wonderful trusting animals around you.. can you!!!

This is page 3 of my doggy scrapbook, this is Ruby my little dog who is very affectionate and loves lots of cuddles.


Wednesday, January 16

** Sisters Page 2 **

PhotobucketThe sun is actually shining today.... but for how long i wonder......

Have made page 2 of my doggy scrapbook this one is of Lucy who is my Daughters dog and the sister of Ruby my dog....i look after Lucy from 6.30 in the morning until 6 in the evening while Helen is at work, they are now 12 weeks old and very mischievous, learning how to sit and stay and all

the usual things, they love to chew on things especially shoe laces so they have been provided with toys of their own to chew, we had a visit to the vets for their injections and are now indetity tagged, hopefully we will never have to use it ...........

Sunday, January 13

** Sisters **


Weather still awfull i think i have developed webbed feet . Photobucket

I have finally decided to start a scrapbook of my 2 puppies.. hooray did i hear you say??...well it is about time seeing as they are now 2 years old, it's not a 12 x 12 its 1 of those little ones that came in a qvc tsv a few months ago!! you know the one with loads of stuff in it, anyway here is the front page and the first page, will try and do some more but we will have to wait and see (lol).


Friday, January 11

** First Ever Oriental **


Weather still really miserable outside so today i have made a birthday card for a friend of mine, i have made it with an oriental theme... something completley different for me as i have never had any crafting items for oriental.. so this is a first for me, i hope she likes it xx