January 30, 2008

** I'm still here **


The weather is quite nice today no rain hopefully


i am still around just not up to crafting at the moment, the hospital have increased the dose of my tablets for my MD and that has also increased the side effects so in between pounding headaches and running to the loo (not that you wanted to know that ) Photobucket i've not been making much plus got a lot of family things going on this week, i am hoping to sneak in half an hour today though so watch this spacePhotobucket , hope everyone on blogsphere is good xx



  1. Oh dear, sounds like you're really suffering - hope things settle down with the new dosage soon. Take care - big hugs xxxxx

  2. Sorry to hear that Shaz x

    Sending heaps of love, hugs and...loo rolls hun ^.^ ((hugs)) xx


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