January 18, 2008

** Sisters Page 3 **

It's one of those days when it's really miserable outside you feel depressed got a headache and wonder why you bother getting out of bed..... thats just how i felt this morning but Ruby soon got rid of that feeling for me.... 6.30 regular as clockwork out of bed she trots come on mom quick i need a wee (lol) comes back in for a quick cuddle then sits in the window anxiously waiting for her sister to arrive... you can't be depressed for long with such wonderful trusting animals around you.. can you!!!

This is page 3 of my doggy scrapbook, this is Ruby my little dog who is very affectionate and loves lots of cuddles.



  1. A lovely page Shaz xx
    Poor things...and nasty man ^.^

  2. Another great page Shaz and Ruby is sooo cute

  3. How cute - the doggy and the page! You have just reminded me that I really should do at least a page on our pet fish! lol.

  4. Oh, how sweet.....she is adorable hun xx

  5. Another fab page Shaz! And Ruby is just so cute. :)

  6. Love your layouts Shaz and of course your cute subjects XXX


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