Monday, January 24

Wedding DVD

Afternoon all

I have been busy making DVD's of our Daughters wedding to give to family and friends, all the photo's go in sequence of the wedding day itself  right from Helen getting ready through to their first dance together and i have added all the music that they had which was Leona Lewis (First Time) as Helen and her dad walked up the eisle, Take Thats (Greatest Day) as Helen & Gavin walked out, Michael Buble ( Hold On )for their dance together, i don't know how many times i've played it and replayed it to make adjustments and it still makes me cry lol.



  1. Hi Shaz...

    It's no wonder you cry when you see this, hunnie is just perfect,
    It looks so professionally done, something you would buy.
    Well done you!!!!!
    Your daughter will love an treasure this forever..

    Huggies Angel

  2. Such a wonderful memory piece. just gorgeous


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