March 22, 2009

* R.I.P *

Jade Goody 1982-2009

Such sad news this morning of the death of Jade Goody.. on mothers day of all days the very part of her that made her a mother has tragically taken her life, god bless Jade my condolences go to her family especially her 2 young boys, lets hope more lives can be saved from Jade being so open during her last few months of life xx.


  1. this is very sad to die to young and to soon, bless her family and love to them all xx

  2. I agree with your sentiments, it is tragic that Jade lost her life at such a young age and left behind her two little boys. If one woman's life can be saved because Jade was so public with her battle with this disease then her death will not have been in vain. And for those people who have criticized her for being so honest and being in the public eye with her fight, perhaps they will now realise that the legacy that she has left behind could save thousands of young women's lives. RIP Jade, may you rest in peace now free from pain xx


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