January 27, 2010

* Save The Date *

Hello everyone

Sorrry i have been a very bad blogger over this last week but i have not been my usual self just don't seem to want to do anything but less of my woes.
Here are some * Save The Date * cards i have made for my daughters pending wedding the top ones are more for the family and close friends and the bottom ones are for casual friends and work mates, i'm pleased to say i don't have to make the actual wedding invitations as i did for my other daughters wedding this time round as Helen managed to get some bargains in the sale of just the invitation she wanted...i've still got the rest of the stuff to make ie place cards, favours, scrolls, cake boxes, and the very large seating plan she has designed for me lol, but were off to a good start can't wait i'm getting a bit excited now lol.


  1. great idea to make your own Shaz and sorry you not been right, lots of love xx

  2. Big hugs Shaz, these are lovely.


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