February 21, 2010

* Snow & Still More Snow *

I woke up to the white stuff again this morning, we've had more this time than a couple of days ago, it's still snowing and we have lots more to come today and tomorrow.
Here are a couple of photo's taken at 6:30 this morning.


  1. oh Shaz we only had a light sprinkling, looks like you have had a lot more than us!! Its about time it was all gone!! love Steph

  2. oh hun you've got way more than us...we went to bed last night with nothing woke up at 6am and there was about 4 inches of the 'orible stuff lol

    hugs shell xx

  3. Wow what a lot of snow, we just had a very thin covering and it's all gone now.
    I love your recycled project, good luck with the challenge

    Jackie x

  4. But don't the snowflakes look so magical when they catch the light :0)


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