May 22, 2014

* Hello *

Started with laying the slabs for the base

Indoor flight complete

start of building outside flight

flight finished and birds allowed in

Zebra finch egg laid already

Diamond dove sitting tight in her nest 


Hi everyone sorry for the lack of posting and visiting your lovely blogs but i have been so busy over the last few weeks
I have decided to start bird keeping again, i used to have a garden full of aviaries where i bred budgies, cockatiels, finches and canaries, but due to caravanning every weekend i decided to give them up as it was just too much for me.
Now we don't go caravanning i have longed for an aviary again but on a much smaller scale 
Here are a few photo's for you to look through 
I'm off to sit in the sun and watch the veggies grow, listen to the birds sing and build nests and i shall be cutting out some decoupage, all my hobbies rolled into one :) life can't get any better  
I will try and be a good blogger from now on too 
                                            photo hmtulipraincovers_zpsba2295f8.gif Shaz xx

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  1. Morning Shaz...............Wow surly come a long way since you started up again with another of your fab hobbies Shaz it's looking good thanks for sharing this and enjoy your sunshine its dull and l think it will rain here today but yesterday was a better day than expected so can't complain take care xx


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