March 04, 2008

** Tagged **

I am doing well this week Photobucket make my day award yesterday and today i have been tagged it's a bit cumbersome round the ankle and does this mean i can't leave the country ???Photobucket
Hels has tagged me!! you don't need the interrogation light Hels i will confess to your questions.

Question 1 - What were you doing ten years ago?

Errrm ten years ago at my age is hard to remember but here goes....well i know i was still at work!! cooking school meals at my local Secondary, i definitely had better health as i was still able to go camping!!!!yes camping oh they were good times towing our caravan to rallies and getting very merry at our social gatherings oh yes i almost forgot i was secretary of the caravan & camping club... now that i don't missPhotobucket

Question 2 - What were you doing a year ago?

Now this one is a bit easier to remember Photobucketas not a lot really having a few health problems and getting used to hubby being home all day as he had just retired i know i was still having fun on the Craft Swap forum had to get a plug in somewhere Photobucket

Question 3 - Name your 5 favourite snacks.

Only 5!!!!!! oh well it has to be crisps, crisps, crisps, crisps and did i mention crisps,that was an easy one Photobucket

Question 4 - Name 5 things you would do if you were a millionaire.

Errrmnow where do i start with this one, obviously number 1 would to see my kids were ok, number 2 buy my dream home at brean in somerset where i would love to live, number 3 buy loads of crafting goodies, number 4 open my own shop selling crafting goodies, number 5 make sure the elephant rescue centre were ok and didn't want for anything.

Question 5 - Name 5 things you like doing.

Another easy one, crafting, watching tv, cooking for my family, eating and sleeping Photobucket

Question 6 - Name 5 things you will never wear again.

Errrmthis ones tricky as i don't have a large wardrobe anyway.... oh yes i know!!! stiletto heels mind you couldn't walk in them when i had them I'm more into comfy slippers now Photobucket, leggings bum too big for them now, mini skirts are definitely out for the older woman, shell suits can't believe i used to wear them i am so embarrassedBlushingand lastly my work overalls Woohoo Smiley

Question 7 - Name your 5 favourite things.

Another easy one..... my 3 fabulous kids, Jim , Ruby my little dog, Lucy my daughters dog who i sit for everyday & crafting.

The hardest part now is to tag 5 others but here goes






Thanks for tagging me Hels and i hope those i have tagged have as much fun as i have answering the questions xx

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  1. You have made my day and there is an award on my Blog waiting for you


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