March 03, 2008

** You Make My Day **

I've never won anything before, so this has really made my day, thank you so much to Hels for awarding me with the
' You Make My Day '
award i really am chuffed. the idea is i now have to pass the award on to 10 people, well , that will be difficult as everyone makes my day.

The rules of the award are simple, pass it on to ten people who have made your day in Blogland! Pop a message by email or on their blog and then they pass on the award. If you receive the award back again it means that you are a very nice person and you have made their day too.

Now i have to narrow it down to 10 so here are my
'You Make My Day' awards


  1. Thank you Shaz :-) I'm not used to being awarded anything so I'm chuffed to bits! xxxxxxxx

  2. Funnily enough Shaz - you have made my day so visit my blog to see!! xxx

  3. Hi Shaz, you have made my day too! Please visit my blog to see. :-) Lots of love xxxxxxx

  4. I've never had a blog award before Shaz, so you have made my day too

  5. Aww, thanks Shaz!! :) You've made my day too! :)


  6. Thanks Shaz...that is so kind of you hun xxx

  7. Thank you Shaz...that means a lot x

    Thank you for the tagging too!!! *.*

    **...that doesn't mean quite so much!!! LoL ^.^


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