March 07, 2009

* And yet another *

Hi all

I've looked everywhere for my mojo and i have done what some have said rumaged through my stash but to no avail so here is another card i made a while ago.


  1. Great card Shaz. I always find treating myself to a new stamp helps me when my mojos gone lol
    Wendy x

  2. Its fab Shaz, I hope your mojo returns soon!

  3. A lovely card Shaz. Dont give up, maybe just need a little ctafting break but I bet you'd miss your friends!

  4. You've made some lovely cards Shaz! What about a workshop to get you interested again? x

  5. it must be there somewhere shaz - don't give up hope - great card xx

  6. Shaz, my mojo takes holidays every week,(actually most days if truth be known!) so don't despair. It will return when it is ready. Hugs

  7. I know what you mean hun, I think mine is on holiday too! Hang in there, it will come back and I cannot wait to see your lovely projects when it does...hugs x

  8. Lovely card Shaz, I always think black and white looks great with pink or red :) Sorry about your Mojo :( - have you tried looking in the fridge? It seems to be one of the places people lose things lol.
    Anne xx

  9. Another gorgeous card Shaz x
    Are you still looking?? It's there...I know it is x x


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