March 06, 2009

* Still Here *

Hi everyone

Just to let you know i'm still about, but my mojo has definatley emigrated i'm even thinking of selling all my craft stash if it don't return soon.

A friend of mine Hilda has given me this lovely award although i'm not much of a friend at the moment but i thank her very much for thinking of me

I now have the job of finding only 5 friends to pass this award onto, i really think anyone who visits my blog should be awarded with this award so if you want you may take this award as a thank you from me, but i have passed this award onto.

Lydia, Lesley, Fifi, Wendy, Joy.


  1. Thankyou Shaz I shall put it on my blog this weekend. Please please don't sell your stash I'll help you look for your mojo I know it is only hiding, Have a lovely weeekend xxx

  2. Aww thanks so much Shaz x
    Now then! Don't you dare go selling your stash Mrs! *.* Have a good old rummage about in it instead...I bet your Mojo is just hibernating in a box somewhere! Spring is on it's way (apparently!) and it's time for all those yummy spring colours to jump out! You can do it, I know you can! x x x

  3. Thank you Shaz. I do hope you are feeling better soon - and I agree with Lydia, don't you dare sell your stash! Your mojo WILL return when the time is right for you so try not to worry too much. xxx

  4. thank you very much shaz :O) no selling any stash - i think lydia is right about rummaging you never know what you'll find that might spur your mojo into action xx

  5. Thanks all for your lovely comments xx

  6. I went throught the same thing last year and contemplated selling all my stuff it got me so down,but things pick back up, and your mojo will return i promice hunny, you just stay positive and maybe try enjoying something else you like doing with the free time xxx

  7. Aww thanks Nicky, family have persuaded me to keep my stash and OH is redecorating my craft room for me with new storage to try and get my mojo going again xx


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